Saturday, March 10, 2018

Bunny felt hoop art

I started this little project last night with a lot of energy and high hopes. One hour passed and I was still working on the face embroidery. Two hours later, the bunny ears were just starting to take shape.
I finally went to bed three hours after I started without much progress from the first two hours.

I've been obsessed with looking at hoop art on Google and Etsy and different online shops and thought wow I could do that. Apparently after trying, this is not a craft I should be doing. I'll leave it to the Pros.
I have to say kudos to you, because you make it look easy and it's not. I'll stick to painting, thanks. I thought I was going to pop these out and sell them and it be a fun crafts.
This is the first one I've made. It will probably be the last one I make. I'm actually glad I did try it now I know it's something I don't really like to do. I was going to sell this. I had all intentions of selling it when I started, but I'm going to keep it and hang it on the wall as a reminder that when I have the feeling I want to try something other than painting, I won't.

Lesson learned.


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