Saturday, August 4, 2018

Cat and Kitten Baby Shower Invitations and More

With as much work as there actually is in trying to get together a high quality Zazzle shop, I don't really have the time I thought I would to try and keep up with this blog. I had in mind that I would be able to post weekly! haha Boy was I wrong.
So here is a quick update of some of the newest designs available this month.

First up is a Mama kitty and her kittens. I used sweet pastel colors with a digital watercolor texture overlay. Little heart and flower doodles are also included into the design. I tried to keep this sweet and simple with a light blue and white stripped background.

The text is adjustable and there are several items to choose from that with the design such as icing rounds, paper plates, thank you stickers, and wrapping paper. Perfect for the cat loving expecting mother to be.

Next, I created a cute little bunny rabbit floating in a hot air balloon. Random floral elements help to round out the design. The tag line is "Let's Fly Away" Great for toddler birthday parties. Sweet hot air balloon decorations, pastel colors, and stuffed rabbit toys would be perfect as an easy way to decorate for the party. Many items are available in the shop. Cards, stickers, wrapping paper, clock, and baby gifts.

Finally, I created another unicorn image for various products. Sweet back to school products and birthday invitations can be found in the shop.

Until the next post. Thanks for stopping by and I will keep on creating. : )

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Jungle, Mermaid, and Fairy Party Theme Items

My doodling for the past few weeks has produced a few new items available in the shop.
We now offer magical mermaids, some cute sloth items, and a few jungle theme custom birthday invitations.
Each week, I find something new to strike my fancy. Instead of say what I plan to do, I'm just going to go with the flow. I'm not certain about other artist out there, but when I have an urge to paint something I had better get it out or I will be moving onto the next idea.
As always, I start off with a view doodles. Here are a couple of photos of the before process.

To the finished items below:

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Design update for the month of June

This month I decided to focus mostly on holiday themed photo card templates. Everything that is available in my zazzle shop has been hand drawn or hand painted by me. They are then scanned and cleaned up into usable digital files that can be further manipulated for whatever use is needed.

Adding to the designs already available are:

Watercolor Holly Christmas Pattern
Christmas Cactus
Holiday Roses Floral Bunch
Cute Ink Doodle Elephant
and Thanksgiving Themed Sunflower ink Doodle Designs

Slow but surely the shop is growing! I will continue to add the newest designs made this month to this post.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Monthly Store Update

I have been working every weekend on my Zazzle shop. I hope to have several options available by the end of this year.
I still haven't had any sales or commissions from linking to other items. So, zero sales for the month of May.

The new collections and items added to the shop are:

Heaven Sent Birth Announcements and gift items

4th of July Invitations

Christmas Photo Card Templates

Watermelon party Invitations

I will continue on this journey to see if I can be one of the lucky few with adjustable templates. I will post my monthly update for June in a few weeks.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Watermelon Watercolor Pattern

Hey guys, what's up.
Me? I am trying to keep up with working on new designs and products for my zazzle shop.

This week has been devoted to making some fun whimsical watercolor patterns. With a little Photoshop magic, you can take separately painted elements and turn them into some truly unique seamless patterns. I decided to start with watermelons and lemons. I have a list wrote out and will try to keep up the pace this summer and turn out a bunch of fruit related patterns. Feel free to comment or ask for certain patterns I show to be placed on the product of your choice. There are so many items available on zazzle, with my time restrictions I just can't place them on everything on the site unless you request it. But with that said, here are the first items I chose to start with.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Newest Collection Available Elephant Party

Elephants are a popular baby shower and birthday party theme and why not they are very cute. Yesterday during my TV watching time I broke out the watercolors and started painting a couple of cute baby elephants that would work perfectly for invitations and other party related items.

Some of you know my method of creating, but for the others that do not first is drawing and painting. Next I scan the image onto the computer. After that, adjustment and final designs in Photoshop. Now added to this list is uploading and further design on Zazzle. Each image counting all of the above work can take a good 8 hours or more.

This set is truly hot off the press and extremely fresh to my portfolio of over 14 years.

This is just a start. There are so many product options available, if you would want this image on another product just leave a comment below and I can easily have that item added to the shop.

And the beauty of Zazzle is the promotion of other artist and shops, so here are a few of my favorite elephant party themed items below from other designers.

Returning To Zazzle, My Journey

Lately I just keep seeing zazzle related content when I search on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Maybe it is because I've become obsessed a little bit with Zazzle during the past month.
I already have a shop and have had it for a very long time. I started my Zazzle shop way back in 2007.

There were a few options at the time(cards, stickers, key chains, t-shirts, posters,mouse pads, etc.) so I thought I would start a shop to make a few extra dollars. I uploaded a few of my paintings, typed in the keywords, didn't really promote anything and just let it go. I did make some sales, but nothing that was going to get me the freedom to quit my day job. I just left the shop there, without adding anything else. How I wish I would have (who else thinks this <-----) realized the massive opportunity that was being presented at the time. I got into the forums and listened to some of the people talking about how little we made for licensing commissions and that it just wasn't worth it. I will add I am only a dollar or two away from PRO status with what was sold from my mostly dead shop of 11 years.

Let me tell you I'm a little afraid trying again. I feel like I lost out on the great opportunity that was available. It is work to design all of the different products. I know it isn't going to be easy to try to play catch up with what is already out there and I'm trying to not let that idea overwhelm me, but it does.

So, for my first month of jumping back in with my shop, I decided I would share my journey with you.

Month of April:
uploading, painting, designing, listing, etc. = 30 hours
Sets Started: Unicorn Party, Elephant Party, ladybug baby shower, Squirrel Party, Bunny Party
(each set has a bunch of elements that are designed to fit with the rest - very time consuming and I hope the work will start paying off)
Places I shared my items from Zazzle: Facebook, Pinterest, and this blog

Google Searches: images and items still not showing up in top Google Searches done
Visits to my shop: slim to none - most hits from Facebook, but less than 10 people have clicked on links
Sales: zero

So, I little disheartening. This time I am not going to stop so soon.

Goals for May2018:
*Keep adding to the current sets
*Add a couple of more design themes
*If time permits for the month, remake store categories

Now some questions for you, the reader. What design party themes would you like to see made? Visit my shop to get a feel of my style. I would be open to design suggestions.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Newest Design Super 80s Unicorn

My newest super cute character design for the month is this awesome watercolor unicorn. She has an 80s vibe going on with her little white pearls and her striped pink leg warmers. I loved making this cute little unicorn and I hope you like her as much as I do. Unicorns have been pretty popular in the past year or so. I decided to offer this image on a few of the available items in my zazzle shop. If you have a birthday coming up, the unicorn invitation is editable! Just change the address, name, date etc.
If you click on the item and are taken to zazzle, I may end up with a small commission. I thank you! The extra money helps me to be able to create even more cute illustrations for you to possibly purchase in the future.

Some of the other popular unicorn items available on zazzle. (not my artwork)

After several hours of work this morning, I am proud to say that a Mommy Unicorn Baby Shower Party Set has been added to my Zazzle Store.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Tale of a Tiny Garden, 2018 Edition

I have recently discovered something this week that I am sure some of you already know and will share the same preference with me. I love blogs with lots of photos. I have found a few this month that are absolutely awe inspiring with the combination of photos and text. I was just drawn into them. Several pages later, I knew I needed to start doing the same thing with mine. I have had this blog since 2007, most of which I turned onto draft mode so that the posts couldn't be seen.

I also discovered I like seeing what other people are doing with their lives, beyond art or crafts, so here is a little peak into what my family does every year. Gardening.

Starting seeds inside this year with our brand new grow lamp.

Peat Planting Pots

The first bag of plant potting soil we used to fill the peat pots. Potting soil? Are you kidding me? This looks like a bunch of broken up sticks and not dirt.

This is the second bag of potting soil we had on hand from last year. So much better! Wow. This is Jiffy Mix. We dumped out the first pots and decide to drive back to Walmart and buy another bag of Jiffy Potting Mix.

I thought I would take a photo of both bags of potting mix with their contents.

This is a first for us this year. We bought a grow light and decided to start all of our plants from seeds instead of buying plants at a local garden center. The seeds were started two weeks ago and are already to the stage of re-potting or planting outside. The final frost hasn't happened yet. Oops, we found out in our excitement for spring planting we started the seeds a little bit early.

Just some lovely close up photos of some of the first plants.
We planted cucumber, tomato, jalapeno, beets, broccoli, and sweet peppers. It may not be a good outcome for the broccoli, I'm just warning you. We have tried several times to grow broccoli and something always seems to go wrong.

~ Valarie

Some lvely

Cat and Kitten Baby Shower Invitations and More

With as much work as there actually is in trying to get together a high quality Zazzle shop, I don't really have the time I thought I wo...