Saturday, June 27, 2015

Oh My, I haven't showed off my cats

I think that might be a sin. : ) I love cats and am probably a couple cats away from being labeled a "crazy cat lady". Well...probably not really, I have two. I would love to have more, but two is enough for the moment.

This is Fancy, you have seen her in a previous post with the reindeer painting. She loves to sleep in this gardening bag. It has been re-purposed as a catch all for mail and the cat. She will run and hide if anyone knocks on the door. Treats, treats and more treats. There isn't any bad variety.

This is Taffy. He is very vocal and likes to greet people when they drop in. He gets nightly massages and he may or may not be interested in treats. It depends on what he is doing at the time.

Flowers in my garden

Flowers in my garden. It is hot outside in Oklahoma, but there is a cooling oasis of beauty blooming all around. My favorites are the cactus and four o clocks. I also kinda have a soft spot for random wildflowers that find there way into the garden, so I am letting them