Thursday, March 21, 2019

Bunny Paper Craft

This is a very easy to make paper bunny craft that would be fun for spring or Easter. Easy for kids to make. You might want to cut out the pieces first before letting them start making their bunnies.

The following materials are what you will need:

*Various scrap paper.
I used some left over pieces of white card stock and construction paper.

*Colored ink pens, markers, or crayons.
I used ink pens because I couldn't find my markers. : )

*Some glue


Cut out a Long Egg Shape for the bunnies body.

Cut out two smaller elongated shapes for the ears.

I was just going to color inside the ears, but the ink pens I picked didn't work well on the white cardstock. So I cut out smaller ear shapes with the pink construction paper.

Glue the construction paper pieces into the ears.

While the ears dry a little bit, get out your pens or crayons. Whatever you have available will work.

Draw a cute little heart with your pen, I used a red color. This makes the bunnies nose. I drew two swirl shapes under the nose to make the bunnies mouth.

With a different colored marker, draw in two eyes.

Draw in Whiskers! : )

Then glue the paper ears onto the back of the bunnies body.

You can draw various flowers directly on the bunnies body or cut out paper flowers with your construction paper.
How ever you feel you would like to finish the bunny.

You're done! That was easy :)

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