Saturday, August 4, 2018

Cat and Kitten Baby Shower Invitations and More

With as much work as there actually is in trying to get together a high quality Zazzle shop, I don't really have the time I thought I would to try and keep up with this blog. I had in mind that I would be able to post weekly! haha Boy was I wrong.
So here is a quick update of some of the newest designs available this month.

First up is a Mama kitty and her kittens. I used sweet pastel colors with a digital watercolor texture overlay. Little heart and flower doodles are also included into the design. I tried to keep this sweet and simple with a light blue and white stripped background.

The text is adjustable and there are several items to choose from that with the design such as icing rounds, paper plates, thank you stickers, and wrapping paper. Perfect for the cat loving expecting mother to be.

Next, I created a cute little bunny rabbit floating in a hot air balloon. Random floral elements help to round out the design. The tag line is "Let's Fly Away" Great for toddler birthday parties. Sweet hot air balloon decorations, pastel colors, and stuffed rabbit toys would be perfect as an easy way to decorate for the party. Many items are available in the shop. Cards, stickers, wrapping paper, clock, and baby gifts.

Finally, I created another unicorn image for various products. Sweet back to school products and birthday invitations can be found in the shop.

Until the next post. Thanks for stopping by and I will keep on creating. : )

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