Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Tale of a Tiny Garden, 2018 Edition

I have recently discovered something this week that I am sure some of you already know and will share the same preference with me. I love blogs with lots of photos. I have found a few this month that are absolutely awe inspiring with the combination of photos and text. I was just drawn into them. Several pages later, I knew I needed to start doing the same thing with mine. I have had this blog since 2007, most of which I turned onto draft mode so that the posts couldn't be seen.

I also discovered I like seeing what other people are doing with their lives, beyond art or crafts, so here is a little peak into what my family does every year. Gardening.

Starting seeds inside this year with our brand new grow lamp.

Peat Planting Pots

The first bag of plant potting soil we used to fill the peat pots. Potting soil? Are you kidding me? This looks like a bunch of broken up sticks and not dirt.

This is the second bag of potting soil we had on hand from last year. So much better! Wow. This is Jiffy Mix. We dumped out the first pots and decide to drive back to Walmart and buy another bag of Jiffy Potting Mix.

I thought I would take a photo of both bags of potting mix with their contents.

This is a first for us this year. We bought a grow light and decided to start all of our plants from seeds instead of buying plants at a local garden center. The seeds were started two weeks ago and are already to the stage of re-potting or planting outside. The final frost hasn't happened yet. Oops, we found out in our excitement for spring planting we started the seeds a little bit early.

Just some lovely close up photos of some of the first plants.
We planted cucumber, tomato, jalapeno, beets, broccoli, and sweet peppers. It may not be a good outcome for the broccoli, I'm just warning you. We have tried several times to grow broccoli and something always seems to go wrong.

~ Valarie

Some lvely

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