Thursday, October 9, 2014

Christmas Mice

This is a drawing I sketched out a couple of months back. I have a few more Christmas themed drawings from last year that I am finally going to get around to painting as well. I posted the original drawing on Facebook on October 7, so if you follow me there you have seen the mice.
I do have the final painting finished. I finished it on the night of October 7 but I didn't feel like taking another photo.
At this point, it is time to drag out the scanner again. I will be so thrilled when I have a fully functioning work environment at home. Right now while we are in the process of moving, which has been well over a year, I draw while watching TV, paint on the kitchen table, and then drag out all of my computer equipment in my bedroom. When the move is finally complete, I will actually have an entire basement as my at home studio! It is pretty exciting and exhausting at the same time.

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