Saturday, September 13, 2014

Frogs Frogs and More Frogs

Flying High
It's almost fall and the retail stores are already putting out Halloween themed items. Today, the temperature outside would tell you that it is already here! The high for today was lower 60s. I'm used to upper 90s low 100s in my area of the country. I had to find a jacket this morning before going shopping. On the bright side, the lower temperature was a nice change and I haven't felt so drained today. Heat is definitely draining here at times in Oklahoma.

This is painting number one out of a series of four Halloween witch frogs I completed last week. I am trying to do at least 4 images with each drawing I make.
For those who want to know how this was created...I drew the frog out on watercolor paper and used acrylics to create him and his 3 other froggy friends  : ) Completed in photoshop. These images can be arranged into any size needed. If you are interested in licensing this image for products please visit my website to learn more about how to contact my agent.

~ Val

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