Monday, October 13, 2014

The Rolling Thunder..

The rolling sound of thunder outside and the flashes of light off in the distance can only mean one thing out in the country...crappy internet connection. I swear, when the cable companies cannot hook you up to high speed internet and your only hope is the dish hooked up to the top of the grain elevator you have a problem. Misting outside of any kind and you have no connection or if you are lucky, like tonight, you have somewhat of a connection with the longest page loads of all time. It takes me back to days of yore when I would type in a password and dial up the connection. There would be a buzzing and clicking of code dialing across the phone line (land line, yes) and then slow page loads and then much visiting on chat sites. : ) I had my priorities back then. 
Since it took a miracle to get to this site before the downpour, I can not load the Christmas mice painting. It keeps timing out.
I just wanted to vent my frustration.

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