Sunday, March 22, 2015

Freebie Digital Stamp Test

Click on the image to bring up the full size.
Then right click to save it to your computer.
Print and have fun.

I would love to see what you make by sharing it on Facebook. If sharing, please give credit with either Valarie Wade 2015 or my website or mention of this blog.

By downloading you are not gaining copyright, copyright stays with me the artist. Also, if something should go wrong with the file, I am not held accountable for your computer. (just mentioning this, which would be far fetched but better safe than sorry.)

1 comment:

Gabriella Thomas said...

Thank you for the adorable freebie. It's a shame I have to wait to use her. I will color her and share it with you.
Are you planning any freebies for Autumn or Winter? I could post them now. I'll be visiting your site to see what you have new. Thanks again for sharing.

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