Saturday, September 29, 2018

Warmest Wishes Snowmen Holiday Collection

From the beginning stages of my watercolor elements painting I posted last week to my Instagram feed, to the clean up of the files, and final pattern creation, this "warmest wishes snowman" holiday collection was a blast to make!

It was two weeks in the making because I do work a full time work week like the majority of my blog readers. I had the watercolor elements finished last Sunday, but I didn't take the time to scan and adjust until today. I am happy to announce this is now available as multiple card templates, gift wrapping, sticker sets, and more. Just click on my store link to see all of the wonder whimsical-ness of this set.

Here's a hint. Keep checking back to zazzle for their money saving discounts. The next three days you can save up to 40% off of invitations and other options. Some of the newest set below are part of this sale. Get a jump start on your totally unique holiday greeting cards now!


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